How it works

CodeGrades are eight cumulative steps for learning how to code. They're a programming version of time-proven techniques like music grades, belts in martial arts or lifeguard certification. Level up by applying the knowledge and skills needed for each grade to your own fun, interesting and challenging coding projects.

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Learn and prepare on your own, with a teacher, or in a study group using our free curriculum, syllabus and the resources for the CodeGrade you're going for. We'll even help you find help and support while you prepare.

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Book and pay for your grading online. At the allotted time and place a supportive “code mentor” (an experienced professional programmer) checks you have the skills and knowledge to pass the CodeGrade.

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Your code mentor will give helpful feedback, support and advice during your grading. Afterwards you'll get a written report describing how you've got on, with useful feedback to help with your next grade and future projects.

Who is it for?


CodeGrades are a progressive path from your first steps in programming to an effective level of skill and knowledge needed for writing your own coding projects.

  • CodeGrades are created by experienced professional software developers: your skills and knowledge will be relevant, valuable and up-to-date.
  • When you go for grading you'll work with supportive experienced professional developers.
  • Like playing music, coding takes practice. CodeGrades give you the structure and goals needed for effective sustained practice.
  • CodeGrades are fun for people of all ages and backgrounds.
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Wondering what to teach in coding lessons? Not sure what's relevant? Is the work of programmers a complete mystery to you? No idea what to do in "computer club"?

  • CodeGrades provide a teacher-friendly curriculum and syllabus.
  • They're student focused and encourage self-paced learning.
  • While CodeGrades have been created by professional programmers, they also reflect feedback from teachers like you.
  • Grading is an opportunity for your students to shine, receive recognition and have their achievements celebrated.
  • CodeGrades help you gain the skills and knowledge needed to be an effective coding teacher.
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Mentoring is a core part of effective software engineering: we have to teach and support users, colleagues and collaborators who use our code and applications.

  • Mentoring for CodeGrades is recognition that you have the required technical, leadership and communication skills.
  • You're paid to improve and grow your pedagogical technique.
  • Mentoring helps you to practice explaining, analogizing and summarizing difficult concepts in easy-to-understand language, demonstrating and improving your own clarity of thought.
  • Benefit from the moral and professional growth that comes with mentoring for CodeGrades.
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Get your CodeGrade!

The first syllabus for CodeGrades will be published here soon. Hot on its heels will be dates for the first grading sessions at three locations in the UK (with more worldwide soon). We'll also provide free beginner-friendly coding tools and support to get you started.

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  • Manchester
  • Birmingham
  • London

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